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return to my love!

This weekend I went running.  Usually, that is nothing out of the ordinary, right?  But this weekend was different.  I went running yesterday and today, but not very long distances.  Yesterday, my total running was about 5.8 miles; today, the total running was about 7.0 miles.  There were some walking breaks included in these.  Why these short distances, and why am I so excited?  

Well, I haven't been able to run, or run pain-free, for months.  In fact, I hadn't run at all since Feb. 6th, and that had not felt pleasant at all.  My foot started hurting back in mid-December; and then after I ran a 10K, OUCH!  So I went to the doctor and found out that it "could" be a stress fracture and I should stay away from running for about 12 weeks!  Ha!  I, being obstinate, decided I didn't need to do that, that 1-2 weeks would be sufficient, and went back to running soon afterwards.  Some discomfort continued, and eventually, it came to a breaking point (I guess literally as well as figuratively).  I went back to the doctor and yep, stress fracture.  At this point, I had no desire to run again until this horrid pain was gone.  

I was extremely miserable for the week or so after this diagnosis because I couldn't *do* anything, in terms of exercise.  Even just *being* hurt.  Life sucked.  Eventually I could get back to low-impact exercises with some discomfort, but I was relegated to being a gym rat.  Oh, how I loathe the gym, but it prevented me from becoming a total slob.  But I was unhappy.  However, I was happier to be gradually doing more and more exercise with less and less pain.  Lately, I have been able to jump rope again, yay!  And then I was determined to try running again this weekend.  But I was scared as well; I didn't want to end back up at the bad, painful place.  So I took it very easy yesterday, and took walking breaks.  

So the total distance I covered while running this weekend is almost 13 miles.  I am absolutely STOKED about this.  There isn't much hope of running competitively at the Boston Marathon, four weeks from tomorrow, but there's at least a glimmer of a chance that I could cover the whole distance in a reasonable amount of time.  And if I could actually RUN the whole distance in under four hours?  Well, that would certainly be a different kind of personal record for me?  Shortest training period ever!

the latest episode of The Dating Game

"When did you decide you didn't want to have sex today?"

That's what he said to me on Saturday afternoon as we were lying in bed, spooning.  This, after I'd told him I wasn't ready yet.  That I wanted to get to know him better, and for him to get to know me, to see if we could have a real relationship.  I didn't want something that was just based on sex.  And I had said all this to him the previous time I'd seen him, last Monday.  

Who is this guy of whom I speak?  His name is Peter.  He is the guy I met on OkCupid a couple of weeks ago.  He was one of my Quiver matches, and he looked decent enough in his profile pics, so I had delved into his Public Match questions and seem a lot of similarities in mindset to me.  So I contacted him, and was very happy that he responded, and wanted to meet me.  So we had our first date two Sundays, and we shared a vegan meal at Toscana Grill.  He really liked it, and then he came around the table and put his arm around me.  "Oh, so he does like me!  Yay!" is what I thought.  We shared a quick little peck and after dinner, he gave me a piggy-back ride back to my bike.  No hug or kiss goodbye though; he just ran off.  That was weird.  

We texted a little that night (it was my passive way of trying to get him to maintain interest in me).  Of course, I realize now that that is stupid- I don't need to try to get a like me.  He either does or he doesn't.  Anyways, there might have been a bit of flirting.  

We hung out the next night, Monday, and I figured we'd talk and such, because we JUST met each other.  That clearly wasn't his intention.  After a little bit of touching me, and then making out, he carries me into my bedroom.  I ask, "Why are we going in here?"  I am extremely naive.  The only reason I had him over at my place was because he had suggested we take a walk around Clarendon, and after I hung up the phone and he jumped in the shower, I realized I had some beans cooking on the stove.  I couldn't leave those unattended, nor did I want to cancel plans with this great guy I just met, so I invited him over.  *Sigh*, always a bad idea.  Sure, it seems great because of the privacy and familiarity, but in the end, I just met this guy.  He could be crazy, and I'm all alone with him.  

Fortunately he wasn't a psycho killer or anything, but he did try to get me to sleep with him.  Um, hello!  I just met you!  I told him that I was NOT ready, that I wanted each of us to get to know one another so that we could see if we were compatible enough for a relationship.  I thought he seemed to accept it, so he didn't push his luck again, and the rest of the night went well.

The rest of the week, we communicated (and flirted) by email/FB/text, and our next date was for Saturday late morning/afternoon.  I was really excited, and he was as well.  Regardless of my past experiences, whenever there's a new guy in the picture, I become super-giddy all over again.  Again, I will display my naivete here.  He had said he'd be going to a Pilates class at the Gold's Gym near me, and wondered if it'd be ok to come over without a shower.  I offered to let him shower at my place, totally (for real!) forgetting that gyms have showers.  I felt stupid for offering.   Anyways, so Saturday arrived and he called him right after his class, and he did indeed shower at my place.  No, I didn't join him- I'm not like that! 

We went to the Courthouse Farmers' Market first (very slim pickings, since it's winter), and then off to Germantown for the Amish Market.  Seeing Amish people and hearing them talk was interesting :-), and we got some produce, and he was all cute-sy towards me.  After lunch at Sabai Sabai, and great Thai place in Germantown, we headed back to my place. 

And then, it's like a repeat of Monday.  We make out, then he carries me to my room, tries to get me to sleep with him, I tell him I'm not ready, and then he asks me the question with which I started this journal entry: "When did you decide you didn't want to have sex today?"

I was speechless.  It's not like I wake up and decide, "Ok, today I will NOT have sex".  On the contrary, one day I would decide, "Yes, I AM ready to have sex with this guy."  Again, I thought he was kind of ok with this, but apparently not.  We left my room, came back to the living room and about an hour later, he just stops and tells me that he can't do this anymore.  Can't do THIS (making out) without THAT (pointing to my room).  And he talked a bit more but basically, it was the break-up talk.  Um, really?  Wow.

I barely knew this guy, so I wasn't sad that he didn't want to see me anymore.  But still, I didn't see it coming.  It turns out I'm always wrong about men.  But at least I feel good about WHY he broke up with me.  Because I wouldn't have sex with him.  Even if I had, I'm sure he still would have broken up with me.  And he said he was still going to get me flowers for Valentine's Day (why???), because he thinks I'm sweet.  
And he did, around 9:30pm this past Monday night, he finally came to my building and gave me a some purple tulips.  I didn't have much to say to him.  No animosity, just more like, "why bother?".  Oh well, another one bites the dust.  Back to being single!

My mantourage.... not quite. Yet.

I guess my friend Robbyn was right.  I need to not focus on ONE guy, but have several guy "friends".  A mantourage, basically.  So I'm working on it.  There's the vegan cyclist (long story there, we don't need to get into that again), there's the hot actor (another long story, but not quite so tragic as the first), and now I potentially have two others!  There's a vegan model(!!) I met at a potluck last week (although I did NOT know he as a model at that time.  Google helps.) and there's a Jewish guy from OkC I just started talking to.  I'll just refer to these guys by the nicknames given here. 

As you might know, I experienced a lot of emotions over the vegan cyclist, but I'm pretty much over it now.  I realize that my dream was a lost cause, but hey, I can still have him in my mantourage;-)  The hot actor still talks to me, and I like talking to him.... and doing more than just talking.  Like we all know, a girl's got needs.  And oddly enough, he did turn out to be a nice guy, and I don't have nearly enough nice AND attractive guy friends.  

I think the vegan model is a couple of years younger than me, but that's ok!  We we supposed to have dinner tonight at Science Club, but he had a work obligation, so we needed to re-schedule.  And that's ok, because we're going to Sunflower in Falls Church for the meet-and-greet with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.  I just know she's a vegan cook, but I've never followed her.  I'm just going for the company, and the food.  This is a private event with a limited number of (free) tickets, so it's very lucky for me that the vegan model reserved two- one for him and one for whoever might join him.  So I can think of it as a date!  And lastly, there's a Jewish guy from OkCupid to whom I sent a message yesterday.  I figured that he would a) not respond at all or b) respond with some stupid one-line message.  He did neither.  He actually read through my profile and replied with verbosity!  And he said he'd like to talk in person... so we'll see when he asks me out.

So if we DO go out, I know it's definitely going to be better than my "date" with the dweeb on Tuesday.  This dweeb is NOT part of my mantourage!!  How ridiculous is it that he invites me to go to Red Velvet Cupcakes and then doesn't even BUY MY CUPCAKE???  The whole date, all 15 minutes (literally) of it, was stupid.  We were supposed to meet at 5:30pm, and it took me half an hour to walk there.  Then I had a text from him saying he'd be there at 5:40. He got there about 5:45.  He was very stupid and awkward.  We got our cupcakes (and I would not have bought a cupcake of my own volition; it was just dumb).  Then we basically walked around the block and to the metro.  Then he left.  
I don't care though, he was a waste of time.  Fortunately I had a meeting to attend in that area anyway! 

Look for more updates on my mantourage life!


beyond mortifying


It all started with the giant bag my dad gave me, along with the instructions to put things in there that I want to donate (it's for the Samaritan House).  I put an old sports bra and swimsuit in there, and, since I discovered two fantastic purses in my closet, I also put my current purse in the bag.  That is, after emptying it of it's contents.  Or so I thought. 

A few days later (today), my mom is in my room, looking through the bag, and commenting on what I've put in there.  She sees my purse and asks if I've emptied it.  I say, yes of course.  But she saw one zipper that was still closed (how did I miss it???!) and opened it.  She finds something inside and takes it out.  I'm still facing the other way when she asks, "What's this?"  I momentarily freeze as the sudden reality hits me that it might be THAT.  Then I turn around and walk towards her as she again says, "WHAT'S THAT?!"  I take it and say, "I don't know," and throw it in the trash can. 

OMFG, how the hell did I overlook a condom in my purse???  I took it out of the trash can later, because I can't leave the evidence here, and it expired July '09.  For how many years had it been in there that I didn't even notice?  I was praying that my mom would not question me about it and, several hours later, I haven't heard anything.

Could it be that she truly didn't know what it was?  I know that's kind of farfetched, but she did grow up in Pakistan and didn't come to America till she was married.  The other possibility is that my parents have already figured that I'm "that" kind of girl, but that also seems farfetched, since just yesterday they were railing on me to wear longer shorts and stop showing (not spreading, haha) my legs.  

But oh, dear God, I will definitely be more careful from now on out!! 

PETA Donor Appreciation Holiday Party 2010

Last night I attended the PETA Holiday Party, and it was quite the fancy affair!  I hadn't really known what to expect, and thought it'd just be a bunch of the young PETA staffers, but that was not hte case at all.  I'd been wondering why valet parking was also being offered.  Yesterday morning Katie sent me a heads-up email that the party would be fancy, but it was a little too late, since I didn't have access to my wardrobe, being out in Assburn.  katie said she had shoes for me, so now I needed clothes!  After much fretting, I decided that I would go to Filene's Basement once I returned to DC, since that was between GW and Dupont Circle. 

On my way there, I see Dress Barn, also a store to which I'd never been.  So I decided to give it a try, since it might be easier to quickly find something passable in a small store.  I've never been to Filene's, but figured it might be kind of imposing.  I tried on three dresses and picked a black one with a beaded collar.  $40; not bad, considering I plan to go back and return it on Friday!  When I got to the PETA office and put the dress on, Katie had these really high heels for me in which I couldn't even walk, so she exchanged them for the heels she was wearing.  They weren't exactly comfy either and I didn't like the style (reminded me of witch's or Pilgrim's shoes), but something was better than nothing, and I vowed to keep a set of dressy shoes in my DC office from now on.  

So, getting to the actual party!  Well, I step in the main entrance and it's so formal!  I get a pre-printed nametag and go into the party area, which is filled with unfamiliar faces.  Eep!  Who are these people??? I find out later that this is actually a Donor Appreciation Party, so I was hobnobbing with the bigwigs!  Moments later, Ingrid Newkirk (THE woman of PETA) came downstairs and mingled.  I am touched, honored that this woman recognizes me and knows me by name.  We chatted a bit and I even got to have my picture taken with her!  Ingrid is such a beautiful, humble person, and so passionate.  I admire all the hard work she's been doing to fight for justice and the end to animal cruelty.  


I felt a bit uncomfortable trying to talk to these bigwigs, so I mainly talked with the other PETA volunteers who were there, and they are more of my age.  The food was great and I should have taken more pictures of the setup.  Servers would come by and offer enticing hors d'euvres such as a tiny veggie burger or an artichoke quesadilla.  Ingrid did a short presentation to talk about all the victories that we (PETA) have achieved and showed a video that had also been shown at the 30th Anniversary Gala; this video described how prevalent and impactful our work is on the media and how we never stop fighting for our case.  It truly was an amazing video and it renewd and strengthened my resolve to continue doing all that I can for PETA beecause it is such a wonderful organization!  I truly love PETA and am so glad that my brief internship there (at the Norfolk office) almost exactly ten years ago was my start to veganism and a lifetime of helping the animals.

And hey, it's perhaps no coincidence that I was born and PETA was founded in the same year- 1980 :-)


Thanksgiving 2010


Thanksgiving this year has been really, really nice.  I had been thinking of going to a friend's place for a vegan potluck dinner in Norfolk, but Thursday morning, before my sister picked me up, I got hit with the memory of last Thanksgiving and realized that there was NO WAY I could miss out of Thanksgiving dinner with my family.  I HAD to be there, WANTED to be there, And for those of you who've kept up with my LJ, you'll likely recall the drama that went on last year at this time.  It was absolutely terrible.

But on to good things!  My sister and her husband picked me up yesterday and we found no traffic at all.  Made the trip from Arlington to Hampton in three hours.  That evening, we went to my aunt's place, where several family members would be meeting for dinner.  My mom had cooked a Tofurky for me, and we quickly boiled a couple of small potatoes and spiced them to make vegan mashed potatoes.  And I made vegan pumpkin pie- finding a healthy, vegan pie crust at Whole Foods made life so much easier!  But next time I'll modify the recipe to use less soy milk.  At the dinner itself, there were some vegan dishes.  There was corn on the cob (yum!), sweetened sweet potatoes (too sweet for my liking!), chole, and bean soup (I didn't eat the latter two because I was already full).  But I ate plenty of my pie, and others did as well  I'm glad that people liked my pie, yay! 

I have a BIIIG family, and these aren't even all the cousins who were there.  Five left before this photo was taken, and there are still several people missing.  Uhh, where's Waldo? :-)

It really is nice to be around family, lots of family:-)  I feel like I have my place in the world, although whenever suggests I move back to Hampton permanently, I feel as if I'm suffocating.  Ugh, no way!  DC is the place to be!  (that, or another big, modern metropolitan area that's conducive to the outdoor enthusiast and shunner of automobiles)

And then today was Fur-Free Friday!  There were several events going on in DC, led by my good friend Katie, but since I was going to be in Hampton Roads, I had the opportunity to work with the PETA Norfolk team.  We held an anti-fur demo in Norfolk today, outside of the Macarthur Center, and we had a HUGE turnout.  I think the organizer, Erin, was saying we had 41 people.  41??  That's amazing!  So, uhh, where's Waldo again?  This one is harder than the last one, for sure:-) 

I had a great time- my sister and her husband dropped me off here and then they went to Costco.  After the demo, I went into the mall so I could use my Body Shop Groupon.  And no, the mall was NOT crowded, hectic, crazy, or anything.  Not at 1:30 in the afternoon.  All the insane shoppers were already gone and sleeping.  Except at the Apple Store.  But I have no inclination for an Apple product, so I just cruised on by.  The Body Shop was having a sale- any three products for $30, and if you spend $30 or more, you can get a huge bag filled with lots of goodies for $25.  And I was able to use my Groupon for this purchase.  So i got an awesome bag, and lots and lots of stuff for only $15 pre-tax.  Not bad, not bad at all.  And I got a Love Your Body card (which ended up being free), so I can get $10 of free stuff in April.  The three products I purchased are things to cleanse my face- toner, moisturizing cream, exfoliant- because I want to keep it looking youthful.  Some of the items in the bonus bag included a full-size body butter, shower gel, body scrub, nail file, nail buffer, loofah, hand treatment cream, soap- and many more, but that's all I can recall from memory.  Even though the bag is about four feet away, I wanted to exercise my mind instead:-) 

The only bad thing is that I think my sister and her husband want to leave tomorrow after breakfast.  I know my parents aren't happy about that because, well, they wanted more time with us.  And I don't know what I'm going to do, except work, once I get back.  It just always feels so weird.  I'd rather be getting back Sunday late afternoon/evening so I can wind down, get ready for Monday, and then go to sleep.  But this is what life is like without a car!

X-Files references

Ok, those who know me well know that I *love* The X-Files.  So you can imagine my glee when I found out about an X-Files namesake yesterday while reading a book.  And then can you imagine how much MORE glee there was upon starting another book today, and learning of another X-FIles namesake???

Those not familiar with The X-Files will have no idea of the following descriptions.  Even those who are somewhat familiar might be grasping.  But if you're really a die-hard fan of the show, you will understand and appreciate these.
  • I was finishing "Bitch" by Elizabeth Wurtzel yesterday, and it talked about a TV show with a woman, Laura, and her husband, Rob.  It didn't click until I turn the page and read down to see "Rob and Laura Petrie".  Rob and Laura Petrie???!!!  OMG!  Those were Mulder and Scully's pseudonyms in Arcadia!  I'd been wondering how the producers settled on those names.  Now I know that they were two main characters on "The Dick Van Dyke Show", although I've never seen that show.
  • I started reading "Life of Pi" today, by Yann Martel.  He mentions a 16th-century Kabbalah leader named Isaac Luria.  Waaaait a minute, Isaac Luria???  That sounded familiar.  Yes, I was sure it was from "Kaddish", the husband-to-be character who was resurrected as a golem by his wife-to-be.  I checked online today and was glad I was right about the guy's name. 
I'm still an X-Phile at heart, and it's so much fun!  I might not have my forum anymore, but I've got the X-Files LJ community (can't recall how to to the LJ tag for a group, grrr!) and I've got my undying love for these two characters (Mulder and Scully, that is!). 


Marathon #18

is now a done deal.  I ran the Steamtown Marathon in Scranton, PA this past Sunday and finished with a time of 3:39:50.  A few years ago, I would have been elated with this time, but now I'm just a bit unhappy because I went out waaaay too fast and killed my legs for the end. 

Scranton, as you know, is the hometown of "The Office", which is a hilariously awesome show and that reminds me, I still need to watch last week's episode!  Well, my parents came here to Arlington on Friday night and spent the night with me.  We left for PA on Saturday morning, getting a bit lost through rural MD/PA and boy was that interesting!  We weren't quite sure where we were, and or if we'd ever get back on track, but we did.  We saw some pretty strange things, and the few people we saw looked as if there were from a the 1800s.  My dad had borrowed my sister's old GPS, so that got us on our way again.  I've never been more thankful for a GPS!!  I usually despise those things because I hate how dependent people become on them, even to drive locally.  It took quite a long time, and we made a few stops/detours, but we finally got to Scranton and I picked up my race packet and we headed to the hotel.

And the hotel was pretty freaking far away.  It was stupid of me not to have made a hotel reservation when I signed up for the race, and to just let my dad do it.  My dad did the best he could, and all that was available was reallllllly far away.  Oh well, at least we had a comfortable place to sleep.  At the packet pick-up, there were signs with the race day forecast: 32 degrees at 7am.  32 degrees!  Holy cats!  But it was going to be sunny, and that makes things better.

Steamtown was run on a point-to-point course, similar to Boston.  It started out in some small town and ended in downtown Scranton.  And just like with Boston, there were buses to get us out to the start line.  Because our hotel was so far away and my dad had underestimated the travel time, I was panicked the whole way that I would miss the last bus (which was leaving at 6:45am).  We finally get to downtown, and I ask an official if there are still any buses.  He says yes and points to where they should be.  I get out of the car, and run in that direction.  Buses!  Good!  I get on one and call my parents to say that I made it on.  About a minute later, we leave.  I check my watch and it's 6:45.  I made it onto the last freakin' bus; else my parents would have had to make another long drive to Forest City, and who knows how/when they'd be able to leave via that route.  

It was chilly, but it was good that we runners could stay warm inside Forest City High School, so the time spent outside before the race started was only a few minutes.  I was wearing a long-sleeved tee on top to stay warm, and I happily discarded that before the race began.  I had on my running headband and gloves, and kept those on for the whole race.  The marathon started with a loud cannon BOOM and we were off!

Most of the first eight or so miles were dowhill, I think there was a net 955ft. elevation drop in the whole race.  Smart marathoners know to "start slow, finish fast".  Smart marathoners know that downhills are not a license to speed, that they will kill your legs.  I was not a smart marathoner.  I blasted away- did my first mile in about 7:35, did eight miles in 1:02, did 15 miles in about two hours, and just kept.... getting.... slower.  It really sucked when the hills finally started at Mile 23.  Oh did I EVER slow down.  I even did something I haven't done for a while in a marathon: I walked.  I had to take a few short walking breaks and I hated myself for having to do that.  But my quads hurt like hell; they were as tight and hard as rocks, and not in a good way either.  But I finally finished, totally missing my PR and my goal time, much to my chagrin.  I finished the 26.2 mile run in 3:39:50, for an average pace of 8:23min/mile.  Still respectable, still BQed (Boston-Qualified).  Now the question is, will I sign up for Boston?  I should, because it's been 3 1/2 year since I ran it, and that was the utmost terrible weather.  I want a pleasant, sunny Boston Marathon, but why does it have to be so expensive????!!?!

More later about the awesomeness that is Dunder Mifflin, including pictures!


my crazy, busy weekend

Just as it had been last year, this second weekend of September was quite busy (in a good way!) for me, but it was even better than last year!  Basically, my weekend was: DC VegFest, Nation's Triathlon, and Adams Morgan Festival.

DC VegFest: it was held on Saturday at GW's University Yard, and it was awesome!  My favorite thing about it wasn't the food vendors and the non-profits, but getting to see so many of my veg*an friends, many of whom I haven't seen in person in months, all in one place!  And yeah, so maybe I wimped out on a couple of responsibilities for which I'd signed up (wearing the carrot costume and tabling for VSDC), but I spent that time very well, and in very good company.  Got a ride home with a really nice friend (who gave a $7 Vegan Treats cake for free!) who helped me pass the time between the end of VegFest and sleep time through good conversation.  Otherwise, there would have been a lull to the evening that would have been not-so-great. 

I'm forgetting to mention that before my VegFest festivities even began, I was a busy girl!  I went to the Washington Hilton to pick up my triathlon race packet and then came to GW.  I hung around VegFest for a little while and then biked down to the Potomac for a quick practice swim.  Since I was leaving my bike there, I had to run back up to GW, where I re-appeared at VegFest looking gross, then I hopped over to the gym for a shower and came back to VegFest.  And that's where I stayed for the rest of the day, mostly in the company of a certain two people.  Is that bad that I sort of ignored everyone else?  Well, I didn't really ignore them, I just spent my time preferentially...

Nation's Tri: I had to get up super-duper early (I got up at 4:30am) and my friend Michael- the one who gave me a ride home the previous night- offered to drive me to DC at that ungodly hour.  We left at 5:30 and he dropped me off; it turned out he had planned to park somewhere to at least watch me start the race.  Oops.  I told him I wouldn't be starting till 8:28 and to just drop me off, so he did.  Well, the weather went from drizzly to DOWNPOUR.  I was soaking wet and freezing.  He then called and offered to come back so that I could have a warm, dry place to wait for a while.  I said sure, but then the roads were closed off, so I just put my wetsuit on (no easy task, since it was already wet on the inside) and that helped immensely, though I was still shivering.  The race was delayed for 25 minutes so that the race course could be made a little safer.  Fortunately the rain did stop, though it was still cold and cloudy, and the bike course was full of standing water.  So my swim time was at 8:53am, and I was off!  My swim time was unstellar as usual, but at least I didn't swallow gallons of water, and thus I didn't have monster cramps for the rest of the race.  I was so glad to finally get in the water because I'd really had to pee while I was waiting in my wetsuit, and there was no way I was taking that monstrosity off again until I had to!  Surprisingly enough, when I got to T1, taking my wetsuit wasn't even that difficult.  I've realized the secret now: step on the suit and pull my legs up, instead of sitting down and using my arms to pull it off.  Now, if only I can get even faster at it.... 

The bike portion was ok; it was my first race using clipless pedals, and fortunately  I did not fall, though I saw several people who had stopped and had police with them, I'm assuming because of crashes and such.  I didn't have a crash and I didn't get a flat, thank goodness!!  But I really need to get faster... my friends Michael and Chris suggested that I might be able to borrow Chris' time trial bike (with aerobars).  I've never used aerobars, but I now those would cut down on time (if I don't fall!), so I'm eager to try it out!  I'm disappointed that my 40K time was still near 1 1/2 hours.  That's ridiculously slow!  I really need to improve, but I guess given my current equipment, I'm pretty much maxed out.  Oh, and did I mention that I was COLD?  Dear golly, being wet, on an overcast day, with the wind blowing past you.... that is not fun at all.  But I was glad to have my clipless shoes and pedals, because cycling was definitely easier and I felt like less of an amateur.  Ok sure, I had a big bumper sticker plastered onto the back of my helmet, but whatever, I have to do something to break the mold!  One girl, as she passed me, said, "I like your tattoo!", referring to the tat on my upper back, which is some curly design with the letters "VGN".  I like it too!  As always, the bike portion felt a little too long and I was glad to see the dismount sign so that I could return to the muddy transition area and grab my running shoes.

The run started out really well as I passed several people.  I felt strong and good but ooooh, did I ever have to pee!  But never in my marathons have I ever stopped to use the port-a-potty, and of course never in the shorter races, so I couldn't do it now!  Even though we passed by a real restroom, it was the principle of it all, and I figured it wouldn't be too bad.  But oh dear, my stomach felt so huge, water sloshing around and my calves were getting sore, so I could feel myself definitely slowing down.  It didn't help either that my shoes and socks were completely waterlogged, which made it feel like I was going THUMP THUMP THUMP instead of running normally.  Some people passed me, looking effortless.  But I did pass more people than passed me, so that's still good!  One of the guys who passed me was wearing Vibram FiveFingers.  I totally need to get those and practice "barefoot" running.  Anyways, we're running around East/West Potomac Park, and coming up to what must be the finish.  Then I look up and SEE the finish line banner and I start sprinting!  I passed a few more people and crossed the line looking strong and awesome!

Adams Morgan Festival:
After getting cleaned up from the triathlon, I headed over to Adams Morgan to volunteer with PETA as a Lettuce Lady!  And oh my, did I ever have a good time.  The costume was pretty skimpy: basically a push-up bra with a bikini bottom, covered with a short skirt (or a wide belt) made of plastic lettuce leaves.  And I wore some super-high heels that made my legs look (even more) awesome:-)  I was definitely eye-catching in my ensemble, and I'm glad the sun came out, if only briefly.  Several men stopped to try hitting on me- though none were lucky!  Haha!  I'm such a tease!  Men, women, and kids got their picture taken with me.  A couple of kids even gave me stickers, probably so I could cover myself up a bit more.  If you're Facebook friends with me, you can see the pictures there!  I was so exhausted after doing the vegan outreach for several hours.  I was ready to drop dead.  And then Beau called- he was coming to Columbia Heights for filming.  Even though I was in Adams Morgan, very close by, I couldn't go, because I felt like crap.  And especially after I'd eaten some disgustingly fattening vegan cheese fries at Asylum. 

Beau.... just a guy.  Maybe he doesn't want to be my guy, but I want him as My Guy.  And I just logged back onto OkCupid after about three weeks.  And just like before, there's no one attractive on there except for Beau and Michael.  Damn!


oh really?
Sunday night, my mom left a very excited voicemail for me.  She said that my dad had been going through some old stuff, and found an issue of Consumer Reports that has my picture on the cover.  NO KIDDING!  I couldn't believe it.  I called back and asked my mom if they could scan it and email it to me, because there's no way I'd be able to wait till Friday to see it, and curiosity had definitely gotten the better of me.  So, I finally got an email a little while later, and I've included the photo, plus a close-up, below:


I could barely believe my eyes!  THAT IS ME!  There is no way that could be someone else!  The only comment I had about the model was that the nose is smaller than mine.  Plus, I don't recall those clothes, that treadmill, that water bottle, or a photoshoot!!  If there were any way to really zoom in, I'd want to look for a nose ring on that model, because I have a nose ring on the left side of my nose.

My friend goingdriftless had some high-tech image analysis done, and it concluded that that is NOT me.  I called Consumer Reports and they said that they just use stock photography, free off the Internet, so who knows???  But how would a picture like that of me have ended up online?  So confused.  It turns out my dad contacted Consumer Reports as well and they told him it as a staff member.  

I don't know what is quite freakier: that I am somehow on the cover of this magazine, or that somewhere out there, there is a woman who looks exactly like me.  I mean, my mom says it's my butt.  She's got my long, curly black hair and my small chest.  DO I HAVE A TWIN SISTER????  And my mom said that even my real sister doesn't have that close of a resemblance to me.  I think we'd all like to meet this cover model!

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